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Yellow Hostel have redefined the meaning of what a hostel is, YellowSquare is no longer a place where you just lay your head to rest in a bunk bed. It's now where you're entertained by local live bands, go on shopping tours with locals, and start your day off with some rooftop yoga, learn to cook gourmet meals, change your look in the ContestaRockHair salon and much more.

Tours and Activities // see all
TUE - FRI - SAT // 12:30
WED - FTHU - SUN // 18:00
SUN // 11:30
TUE - THU - SAT // 10:00
WED - FRI - SUN // 11:30
EVERYDAY // 19.30 - 21.00 - 22.30
Events // see all
Fabiola - The Yellow Bar
21 Oct- 22 Oct // 22:30-04:00
Bop Meters - The Yellow Bar
22 Oct- 23 Oct // 22:30-04:00
Beat Degeneration - The Yellow Bar
28 Oct- 29 Oct // 22:30-04:00
Massive Lines - The Yellow Bar
30 Oct- 31 Oct // 22:30-04:00
Ina Ina - The Yellow Bar
06 Nov- 07 Nov // 22:30-04:00
Let's be honest
The Yellow Hostel customer satisfaction: 8.76 by 10 from 2520 reviews
yellow hostel and bar

Yellow Hostel

Yellow Hostel Via Palestro 51 Rome RM 00185 +39 06 4463 554 Prices from 8 €. Commission Free booking here. yellow hostel

open dialog The bar is definitely a plus. Lounge too.close dialog

open dialog I had a very nice timeclose dialog

open dialog It was an average experience. The hostel was nice and friendly, yet bathroom cleanliness was an issue.close dialog

open dialog Not bad. Too many peopleclose dialog

open dialog I just went to the bar. It was a lot of fun.close dialog

open dialog It was a very pleasant experience.. I will definitely come back here when im in rome.. And definitely will recommend it.close dialog

open dialog Great atmosphere, lots to do, friendly staffclose dialog

open dialog Overall, a great experience! I wish I had been able to take advantage of more of the classes/games that the hostel offered like the pasta or gelato-making class.close dialog

open dialog Amazing! People in yellow were so friendly and we had have fun to communicate with so many people from different countries. The decoration was so artistic and cozy.. makes you sometimes want to stay andclose dialog

open dialog Pretty goof overall, could have had more of a together feel but offered tons of services and was clean!close dialog

open dialog I spent 7 nights there, room was very clean and the parties at the bar were awesome! All the staffs were super nice.close dialog

open dialog Overall, pretty positive. I had a minor incident with a girl in my room who was pretty rude, but other than that, my stay was great!close dialog

open dialog Good for a young person, ok for an older one, due to the noise at night. Great staff, cheap and central accomodation.close dialog

open dialog Good hostel with various issues ...close dialog

open dialog One of the best hostel of my trip. ( in a group of 14 hostels and 7 countries)close dialog

open dialog Great location, bathroom wasn't the cleanest upon arrival. Everything else was good.close dialog

open dialog The only thing is that the check in is later in the afternoon but you can leave stuff with the staffclose dialog

open dialog I had a cool stay in Rome. Its my second time visiting this hostel. Its coolclose dialog

open dialog It was great it's the place to be in Rome... Simple as thatclose dialog

open dialog I had some beautiful days in Romeclose dialog

open dialog My first visit to Rome and the yellow is the perfect start to a beautiful city and experience we will be backclose dialog

open dialog Its good for price..close dialog

open dialog Good and the free pasta is great!close dialog

open dialog I think it is a pretty good hostel.People are very friendly but the bar run too late sometimes it is a little bit noisy!!!!!!close dialog

open dialog Got more than i expected. Really friendly staff, atmosphere is good, they helped me even with every question i had. I would love to stay more but sadly i couldn't. I still visit the barclose dialog

open dialog loved the bar, the vibe was great. maybe improve on your selection of beers because many foreigners come to the bar, or rome in generalclose dialog

open dialog bar gets way too full. good value for money could use more recommendations of pubs and restaurants nearbyclose dialog

open dialog Great overall experience. I was glad that a safe was provided with a code that I could personalize, but it would have been nice if the lockbox under the bed also had a lock insteadclose dialog

open dialog Thanks for the hospitality! It was an unforgettable Roman holiday.close dialog

open dialog Such a lovely straff and location!!close dialog

open dialog Very good hostel, will recommendclose dialog

open dialog Perfect. The location was close enough to the station the staff was also excellent and the facilities was good for everything you needclose dialog

open dialog Friendly atmosphere hotel, clean and simpleclose dialog

open dialog super fun experience at the yellow. staff was friendly vibe was goodclose dialog

open dialog Very clean and professional Hostel. Just wanted more free activities that were part of our stay, and more interaction with international guests.close dialog

open dialog It was amazing, I loved everything about itclose dialog

open dialog Live music is OK. Club below is a mess.close dialog

open dialog This hostel was very well thought out, it has everything you need in a hostel whilst being clean with a good atmosphereclose dialog

open dialog Wasn't too bad, service staff were the only let down, quite rude and abrupt.close dialog

open dialog Would suggest to anybody coming to Rome and wanting to socialize.close dialog

open dialog Genial! Super recomendable.close dialog

open dialog The best hostel in Europe I have been to.close dialog

open dialog Yellow was great, only problem is I wish I could have stayed there longer. I was running low on sleep as the previous two hostels were so loud, making it impossible to fall asleep atclose dialog

open dialog It was good experience i cannot judge other facilities as i only stayed for one night and did nit have time to explore other facilities , overall, the room was clean , the bed was comfortable andclose dialog

open dialog My experience was really good. Only complaint is some of the doorways in the hostel are really narrow and only one side of the door opens so it’s hard to get though with backpacks/suitcases.close dialog

open dialog overall experience was goodclose dialog

open dialog It was fantastic I would stay again and recommend to friends and family.close dialog

open dialog Excellent and value for moneyclose dialog

open dialog Surprisingly comfortable and safe.close dialog

open dialog I had an amazing experience at the yellow! I can’t wait to come visit again!close dialog

open dialog I love the fact that they had so much available like the bar, restaurant, hair salon and hang out lounge. Even the water in the waiting area was nice to have! The rooms were amazingclose dialog

open dialog 10/10!! We were so close to the city center so we would head back a couple times a day to freshen up or chill. But once we got back, we didn’t want to go backclose dialog

open dialog Everything was really great! Totally worth it.close dialog

open dialog Very satisfied, great value; I felt like I got so much more than a bed out of the price.close dialog

open dialog I had a great time at the hostel. The beds were comfy and the restaurants and bars nearby were delicious. There was also a train station close by which made getting around heaps easyclose dialog

open dialog It’s amazing to have a place with something different to do every night and that’s what I did, went to the karaoke, to the games night, to the dance floor to dance with the DJ’sclose dialog

open dialog Every part of the Yellow exceeded my expectations for a basic hostel with the exception of the cold showers.close dialog

open dialog It was great! I would come back and possibly do the private room.close dialog

open dialog Great location and nice peopleclose dialog

open dialog First night was really hard! Too much noise on the street! But I asked to move and the staffs were pro-active and helped me to move for a silent room.close dialog

open dialog It was an odd one. I think I would like the Yellow if it hadn't been for the sketchy roommate and the beds. That whole experience ruined my time there.close dialog

open dialog It was fantastic! I met a lot of great people and made many friends!close dialog

open dialog Wished the bathrooms didnt have old tiles and wish it was biggerclose dialog

open dialog It was fantastic! The only thing I have to complain about was the noise and partying in the hallways! Luckily, I use hostels regularly, so, I brought earplugs! You should too!close dialog

open dialog Okay, but I expected a bit more from a hostel at this price. For example included breakfastclose dialog

open dialog I had a great time at the hostel. People are very nice, the place is well located and they have many different activities together, which is cool in case you are travelling alone.close dialog

open dialog It was a great experience overall, got discounted drinks from the hostel at the bar, and was a good crowd.close dialog

open dialog Best ever of Rome, great experience there!close dialog

open dialog Very good times in the area ! Staff is super friendly and helpful also. Only good times at The yellow :)close dialog

open dialog Decent hostel with Friendly staff.close dialog

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Yellow Square, Via Palestro 51
Rome, Italy 00185


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